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The Victim Compensation Board?

Victim of Crime Ireland

Victims of Crime Ireland

The Victim Compensation Board/Criminal Compensation Board

There is no actual entity called the “Victim Compensation Board” or indeed is there a “Criminal Compensation Board”. The correct title for the Government body that compensates victims of crime in Ireland is the Criminal Injuries Compensation Tribunal and we are expert at appearing before them.

We have also advised the Law Reform Commission on how to improve the Scheme for redress for victims of crime in Ireland.

Compensation for Victims of Crime.

If you are a victim of a criminal act in this (or any other EU jurisdiction), you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Tribunal (also incorrectly called the Victims Compensation Board or the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board). We have discussed the areas of recovery here.

The remit of the Criminal Injuries Compensation Tribunal (the CICT) is to compensate you for losses suffered by you as a consequence of of the criminal act (except personal injuries). Our full review of the CICT/Victim Compensation scheme in Ireland can be found here.

Compensation for Victims of Crime – What is covered?

Under the CICT Scheme, you are able to recover your medical expenses, your loss of earnings and any other expenses that relate to the criminal act but not the physical injuries arising from the act.

We have found that the main area that we are recovering monies for Victims of crime is as a consequence of the psychological injuries restricting their ability to work so that the CICT board award them monies for loss of earnings both past and into the future.

If you are suffering flashbacks of the incident or if your lifestyle has been restricted as a consequence of the crime which has had a detrimental effect on your earning potential, you may be able to claim the reduction in your earning potential though the scheme.

If you want to discuss your claim (or potential claim), please contact us directly. Our contact details can be found here.

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