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Proper Estate planning is something, while unpleasant, should be a part of every persons future financial planning. As your Will is a document containing your last instructions on how you wish your estate to be distributed, it is essential that it is drafted to your satisfaction and in accordance with your wishes. Here at O’Kelly Solicitors, we believe that every client should get the best professional advice and service when they make the decision to arrange their affairs.

O’Kelly solicitors has a wealth of experience in preparing wills for individuals, couples, co-habitants and families. We ensure that you receive easily understood, straightforward advice and that your affairs are looked after in the most cost effective and tax efficient manner possible. We aim to have your will, which accurately reflects your wishes, executed in as short a time frame as possible, so you can rest easy safe in the knowledge that those closest to you are provided for.

Obviously, some Estates can be more complicated than others and in such cases, we will take detailed instructions and work closely with an accountant and/or tax advisor to ensure that the provisions contained in your Will leave the most tax efficient legacy to your beneficiaries.

As part of our continued drive to provide complete transparency on costs, we charge a set fee for Wills in the amount of €100 (together with VAT) for an individual and €150 (together with VAT) for couples.

If your estate is particularly complex or if you have tax issues which require the services of an accountant/tax advisor, we will advise you of both the timescale and costs involved and assist you in the interim, while we draft your tax efficient Will, by providing you with a basic “holding” Will, should you require one.

To discuss how best to provide for your loved ones, please contact us here.


In the difficult time surrounding the passing of a loved one, you need to know that matters relating to their Estate and the wishes contained in their will are being dealt with in a timely manner.

The process of resolving a deceased persons estate revolves around a document issued by the Probate Office in Dublin called a “Grant of Representation”. This is the collective name for two documents that are issued by the Probate Office, Dublin, namely a Grant of Probate (where a person has made a Will) or Letters of Administration (where a person has not made a Will). The effect of both documents are the same.

At O’Kelly Solicitors, we have considerable experience in processing both straightforward, complex and disputed Estates so when you instruct us, you know that we have experience for any and all eventualities that may arise and that it will be dealt with in a sensitive, practical manner.

We also provide our executor clients with information on their role in the extraction of the Grant of Representation, estimates of the likely costs involved  at the outset and monthly costings of all the work undertaken in the efficient resolution of the Estate.

Issues such as how best to approach the beneficiaries of will, how to provide you with information to assist us in the smooth extraction of a Grant of  Representation as well as offering you the opportunity to reduce the costs associated with the extraction of such a grant. Our aim is to ensure that the matter is dealt with as quickly and flawlessly as possible so that all parties receive their  entitlement under the will as soon as possible.

Our aim is to exceed your expectations, change your view on solicitors firms and ensure that you can recommend choosing O’Kelly solicitors during this difficult time.

If you someone close to you has passed away and have been nominated as an Executor or you need confidential advice on concerns you may have in respect of a deceased’s Estate, then please contact us in strictest confidence here.

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