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Personal Injury

Personal Injuries*

In addition to our Civil Litigation practice, we also offer expert advice on personal injuries arising out of road traffic accidents, workplace incidents and trips & falls in public/private places. As we are based in Dublin, the majority of our cases come from the greater Dublin area but we act as the personal injury solicitor for clients all over Ireland.

Personal Injuries – What we offer.

We are able to provide you with professional advice in relation to where liability rests in respect of your incident, outline your options in the recovery of damages for your personal injury as well as prepare the necessary paperwork to make application on your behalf to the Injuries Board (formerly the Personal Injuries Assessment Board or “PIAB”) for compensation.

We will advise you on all the documentation you need to collect in order to fully vouch and set out your personal injury claim and we will present the best possible application to the injuries board using reputable medical professionals, consultant engineers and actuaries.

Personal Injuries – How we are different.

While any personal injury, no matter how caused, is a upsetting and  stressful time, we at O’Kelly Solicitors  are here to ensure that you are fully compensated for your loss and to do so with the minimum amount of stress and anxiety.

In order to minimise the stress associated with personal injury claims before the Injuries Board, we use plain language so you understand whats happening, we are always at the end of the phone for any queries you might have and will advise you on the best possible outcome for your case.

In respect of Injuries Board application’s, we work with our clients when discussing our fee for the taking of your initial instructions, advising you on both liability and the correct parties responsible for your incident, obtaining the necessary medical reports, collecting and organising your claim for out-of-pocket expenses (called “Special Damages),  filing the  injuries board application on your behalf and advising you of the appropriateness of the award made to you as a result of the application.

We offer a number of options to finance your case from monthly billing to deferred billing to ensure you have complete control of the costs associated with your personal injury claim.

Personal Injuries – After the Injuries Board Decision.

If, at the end of the Injuries Board process, you are unhappy with the level of compensation offered to you, we have considerable experience in bringing personal injury matters from the conclusion of the Injuries Board process into the Circuit Court or High Court (as appropriate). You can rest assured that your claim will receive our full attention, legal expertise and  experience  so that you know that your case is placed with a firm that you can trust.

If you wish to discuss you matter in complete confidence, please contact us here.

*disclaimer – In contentious business, a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement.

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