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Employment Law in IrelandWe act for both employees and employers in relation to Employment Law in Ireland and offer practical advice on this complex area of law.

 Employment Law in Ireland for Employers.

Employment law in Ireland is a complex area which has, in the last number of years, become an area which can absorb a large amount of company time, company money and can divert the efforts of key staff away from core areas to areas outside of their expertise.  It is an area that companies ignore at their peril as poor workplace relations can have  an effect on workplace morale, staff productivity and, ultimately, the bottom line.

O’Kelly solicitors take a two-step view of any issues that arise in your Company in relation to Employment Law in Ireland.

Firstly, the root cause of the issue must be identified and the Company policies and procedures updated accordingly to prevent re-occurrence.

Secondly, the issue is examined and processed in a timely, cost efficient and sensitive manner to ensure the best result for the client with the minimum of disruption.

We have considerable experience in processing claims on behalf of of employers in the Equality Tribunal, the Employment Appeals Tribunal, the Labour Court, the Circuit Court and the High Court. We provide a complete suite of advice on all aspects of Employment Law in Ireland.

While the economy improves, your may be considering employing further staff to meet your future operational need. It is at this stage that you need to consider your rights and responsibilities to your prospective employees. You also need to consider (1) your position if you need to dismiss the employee, (2) your position of you need to reduce staff numbers in the future and (3) your position if you need to discipline the employee outside their probationary period.

These particular areas are fraught with difficulties, however, at O’Kelly solicitors we can provide you with real-world advice, direction and suggestions to prevent an already difficult situation escalating into a potential claim against your company.

In short, our advice can ultimately save you money.

We provide advices on employment contracts, employment policy & procedures, modes and methods of selection for redundancy, procedures to follow for redundancy and advices on selection criteria.

We would recommend all employers update and amend their HR procedures well in advance of any decision being made around staffing levels & staff reductions and O’Kelly Solicitors provide expert legal advice on amending and updating procedures.

Employment Law in Ireland for Employees.

For employees, it can seem daunting when faced with an uncertain situation within the workplace which can lead to them being involved in life changing situations, such as dismissal and redundancy, which can not only effect the employee but their family.

Pre-Employment Contract Advice.

Prior to commencing your employment, we can offer you advices on your employment contract, which your employer is obliged to provide. We can offer advice on policies & procedures and how they effect your employment rights.

Redundancy & Unfair Dismissal.

If you are an employee who has recently been the subject matter of a redundancy selection process, which has ultimately resulted in you being made redundant, we can provide you with advice as to your rights and entitlements under both redundancy legislation and unfair dismissal legislation.

At this important time, you will need the right advice to ensure that your rights have been protected and that your employer has honestly and correctly chosen your position to be made redundant.

See our blog post for more: Redundancy & Unfair Dismissal in Ireland

Constructive Dismissal.

If you have recently left your employment due to pressure or duress (also known as constructive dismissal), then we have the expertise to advise you on whether you have grounds to bring a case against your employer.

Holiday Rights & Grievance Procedures.

We also provide advice on holiday entitlements, grievance and disciplinary issues.

In short, we are here to assist you when you and your employer are no longer seeing eye to eye.

Should you be facing the above issues, or wish to discuss any aspect of Employment Law in Ireland, please contact us in complete confidence  on 086 7889753 or via email to

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