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What is the cost of an Enduring Power of Attorney in Ireland?

Enduring Power of Attorney Ireland Costs

What are the costs associated with creating an Enduring Power of Attorney in Ireland?

At O’Kelly Solicitors, we always aim to be completely transparent on price. The price you are quoted is the price payable when the work is done.

In keeping with this philosophy, we are offering fixed cost Enduring Powers of Attorney to all our clients.

What does this fixed fee Enduring Power of Attorney cover?

To take your instructions, draft the Enduring Power of Attorney forms, meet with you to review and execute your Enduring power of Attorney, furnish the necessary Notice of Execution to your Notice Parties, liaise with your GP to get the Medical Certificate for inclusion in your Enduring Power of Attorney, finalise the paperwork and dispatch the complete Enduring Power of Attorney to storage, we charge a flat fee of €350 (plus VAT and outlays) for a single Enduring Power of Attorney.

There will also be items of outlay incurred on your behalf, such as registered post fees (currently €12.00) and Commissioner for Oaths fees (currently €12.00) and the fee for your Doctors confirmation that you are capable to execute an Enduring Power of Attorney (this can range from €0 – €100, depending on your GP).

This gives a total Enduring Power of Attorney cost (excluding GP costs) of €454.50.

If it is a couple (husband & Wife), we offer a reduction in the overall fee to €500.00 plus VAT and outlays for the two Enduring Powers of Attorney. The outlays will double (to reflect there are two EPA’s) to €24.00 (for registered post) and €24.00 (Commissioner for Oaths).

This gives a total Enduring Power of Attorney cost (excluding GP costs) of €663.00.

If you have any questions on Enduring Powers of Attorney, please contact us (here) – we’re happy to discuss any aspect of the process with you. You could also review our other posts & practi

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